Cocoa beans grow in pods on trees. Most of the world's cocoa is grown in a narrow belt of 20 degrees north and south of the Equator. The cocoa tree contains wide dark leaves and light flowers that grow from a bean.
Cocoa trees start to bear fruit when they are 3 to 4 years old. It produces pink and white flowers all year round. Cold grows directly from the trunk or main branches. Only a small portion of the flowers turn into fruits during a period of about 5 months. The trees are carefully trimmed so that the horns can be harvested more easily. Each tree produces 30 to 40 pints per year.
Mature pods are harvested during peak season. High horns are cut with large knives and are collected in large baskets. The horns are separated by hand and the seeds or beans, which are covered with a sweet white pulp, are prepared to undergo the process of processing from two parts: fermentation and drying. This is the bean for the market and transportation to the factory



canola oil
Canola oil is the No. 1 vegetable oil in Canada and Japan, while No. 2 in Mexico and the United States. In general, it is the three most commonly consumed vegetable oils in the world.
Once harvested, the canola seeds are taken to a crushing facility where oil is extracted from the seeds and refined and packaged in cans of canola oil. Canola oil contains less saturated fat than all cooking oils.



Hazelnut is an important ingredient in our chocolate nut spreads. For example, brown hazelnuts spread in Duo Penotti contain 13% of hazelnuts. The best hazelnuts are chosen to create a delicious and dense hazelnut flavor.
Hazelnut is a nut fruit which is an edible gem. Nuts grow in countries around the Mediterranean.
The nuts used in Penotti come from Turkey and Italy. The nuts are harvested between the beginning of August and the end of September.
Nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E.



We use different kinds of sugar in our products: beet sugar and refined reed sugar. The FRAPELLA Group contains sugar cane, which is organically certified and traded in accordance with fair trade standards.
Quality control procedures, from the moment the sugar reaches the plant directly during the final packing phase, ensure that the sugars used in our products meet the highest quality standards. We have established close and long-term relationship with our sugar suppliers. Our strict quality control system enables us to track the origin of sugar in our products.



Vanilla pods contain many small black seeds that are used to flavor many sweet dishes and chocolates. Vanilla is the essence of vanilla but vanilla is also produced artificially from a large scale of wood pulp. Vanilla seasonings are often a combination of pure vanilla and imitation. The appearance of small black spots in this vanilla dish is considered to be a pure vanilla type.



Peanut is a plant species of legumes, also known as pistachios slaves, originates in the cultivation of South America, which requires a tropical climate, such as humidity and warm atmosphere, and fertile soil, we find in the markets with two varieties, the municipal type, which is characterized by small fruit, Turkey, which is characterized by great fruit compared to the first category.



Our products are made from skim milk and whole milk powder. We work with reliable suppliers who collect their milk directly from farmers to ensure the freshness and safety of the product, and last but not least, a delicious creamy taste.



Pistachio, or as it is known as pistachio pistachio, is a highly nutritious and very high value food. Pistachio grows in different parts of the world, and its trees are tall, high, and many branching. It is followed by the botanical species, including many types, including red pistachio nuts, pistachio nuts and pistachio pistachio nuts. These include confectionery, ice cream and various foods such as salads , And nuts mixes.